Palisade / Exempla Mesh / Securus Mesh

Commercial Fencing – Palisade / Exempla / Securus Mesh

Purpose built security systems

Palisade also known as Garrison fencing is heavy duty square steel picket fencing that is highly effective for security. A testament to this fencings durability is that it was selected as one of three standards of fencing for all new schools in Queensland. You have the option of powder coated finish or galvanised and differing heights with 1200mm or 1500mm high flat top (no pickets) or 1800mm, 2100mm and 2400mm high panels with squashed picket tops. Panels can also be raked to suit sloping blocks of land or stepped for retaining walls.

Exempla TM from JagFence is another high security, purposely designed fencing system built to be strong but unobtrusive. A spiked top is to stop people from scaling the fence while 5mm wire allows it to be strong. Panels can be built up to 4500mm high.

Securus TM from JagFence is at the forefront of anti-intruder security. When you need a guarantee of high security, Securus Mesh is the only place to look.

Utilising 4mm wire in a tight 71 x 9mm design, it proves to not only be anti-climbable but also safe from bolt cutters. Panels are bolted together with 50 x 50 x 5mm angle frames and anti-tamper bolts and the fence can be optioned with Barb / Razor Wire extensions and or Powder Coated finish.

Single or Triple Point Security Fencing is a highly adaptive, heavy security system available  from Fence Co. Utilising a bolt on picket and rail system that is built on site, it is easy to install to cope with sloping land while also retaining strength. Many options are available with this product; from your standard galvanised or powder coated finish to 2 or 3 rails, Flat Pick, Single Point or the splayed Triple Point Picket which is this heavy security systems’ signature. Pickets can also come in a flat design or with a cranked top.



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