Wire Mesh Products

Wire Mesh Supply For Your DIY Fencing Needs

Our extensive range of wires in handy rolls includes:

  • General Purpose Mesh – 900mm, 1200mm, 1800mm heights / 25x25, 50x50, 75x50, 100mmx100mm squares / 2.00mm, 2.50mm wire sizes
  • Chicken Wire – 900mm, 1200mm & 1800mm heights available with 5mm aperture and 1mm wire
  • Bird Wire - large and small
  • Dog Mesh – 1200mm, 1800mm high Graduated wires in 2.00mm or 2.50mm wire thicknesses
  • Hinge Joint Wire (rural dog fence) and Grip Lock / Stiff Stay available in 1200mm high rolls.

Other styles of wire rolls are available upon request such as Crab Pot Mesh, Rabbit Netting, Trellis Mesh and Garden Mesh etc.

Fence Co also stocks various Chainwire rolls including: 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm high, 60mm diamond, 2.5mm core thickness in both Galvanised and PVC.

Line Wires are readily available in stock with sizes of 1.57mm, 2.00mm, 2.50mm, 3.15mm and 4.00mm kept in Galvanised, Black and Green colours.

Helicoil is generally kept in stock too but a call to check is advisable.

Mesh Panels / Sheets are held in stock also with 2000mm x 1200mm panels available in wire configurations of 25x25mm – 2.25mm wire, 50x50mm – 3.15mm wire, 75x50mm – 3.55mm wire and 100x100m – 4.00mm wire. Bigger panels of 3000mm x 2400mm Mesh Sheets are kept in 50x50mm – 4.00mm wire and 75x50mm – 4.00mm wire configurations.

Please call us to confirm stock quantities.


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