Chain Link Fence

    Chain Link Fence Materials Residential and commercial concerns make extensive use of chain link fence for covering their boundaries. This is one of the most commonly used fence Brisbane | READ MORE

How Much Red Tape Is Involved in Fencing My Property?

Getting your home fenced should be a relatively simple process. Choose a fencing style and product then either engage a fencing contractor to do the installation, or if you are handy, do it yourself, | READ MORE

Don’t Give Vandals Easy Access to Your Business

Along with all the other issues business owners are dealing with in today’s complex world, they also need to have reliable and secure ways of protecting their properties from break-ins. Many businesses | READ MORE

Pool Fencing Need Not Be Boring

There is something about an in-ground pool that gives a property an extra ambiance, promising as it does long, summer days seeking relief from the heat and humidity of the Queensland summer. Families | READ MORE

If You Love Your Dogs, Keep Them Safe Behind Secure Fencing

Dog control is the responsibility of the local authorities and most of them have bylaws that require owners to be far more responsible for their pets than they were in the past. Now, people walking their | READ MORE

How to Give Your Home an Immediate Facelift

Property owners are always looking for ways to increase the value of their property without having to outlay a lot of money. By keeping your property in good general condition means that an expensive | READ MORE

Tough Fencing Needed for Tough Conditions

Whether you have a small acreage close to a major regional centre, or a large income-producing property, getting the right fencing to protect your assets is critical. If these assets include livestock, | READ MORE

The Desire to Do-it-yourself Is Still Alive and Well

There is nothing quite like a neat, modern fence to give a finished look to a property. A fence identifies boundaries, supports a hedge fragrant with flowers in season and provides a place for a letterbox. | READ MORE

Are Your Neighbours Invading Your Personal Space?

We all like to have good relationships with our neighbours, and often, they become lifelong friends. However, there are neighbours who have no thought for others living near them. Out of control parties, | READ MORE

Do-It-Yourself Or Built By Us – It’S Your Choice

Every fencing project is important, whether it is a small back yard that a homeowner wants to close off to keep pets safe, or a major commercial enterprise that needs security and OHS concerns addressed | READ MORE

Get The Right Type Of Gate To Suit The Purpose

Having an attractive and functional fence to define your boundary provides protection from unwanted visitors and adds value to the property. Access gates are equally important and should match the fence | READ MORE

Mark Your Territory With A Sturdy And Attractive Fence

There is something to be said about setting boundaries, whether it be a parent teaching their child acceptable behaviour, a workplace developing policies for staff or a country protecting its borders. | READ MORE


The Perfect alternative to timber fencing - no painting, no termites, no gaps, no worries. Powdercoated double sided steel fencing in heights of 1200, 1500, 1800 and 2100mm. A range of 8 colours | READ MORE

Trying To Choose Between Diy Or Trade Help?

We all like to save money where we can, and doing some of our own common household tasks is one of the most popular ways to keep a lid on spending. Of course, there are some things that are best left | READ MORE

Chainwire - Security

Uses Of Chain Wire Fences From small domestic top rail fences to medium sized school fences or large commercial jobs. We can do the and install or DIY. As well as highway fencing, | READ MORE

How to Create Your Own Private World Using Fencing

In a world where we are connected to work and social media 24/7, more and more people are realising that privacy is something that we no longer have in our electronic society. We now know that once anything | READ MORE

Decorative Tubular Fencing

Various Designs & Colours We custom make pool fences and domestic decorative fencing to your requirements from aluminium and galvanised steel. A variety of designs with spears, flat rails or | READ MORE

Strong, Secure Fencing Provides Peace Of Mind

There has never been a time in our history when personal safety has been such a hot topic in the media and in private conversations. The scourge of drugs has caused the crime rate to increase as addicts | READ MORE

Gates made to measure

Decorative sliding or swing gates made from steel or aluminium. All custom made in our factory. Gate design sheets available on request. We also manufacture chainwire, Weldmesh and steel frames | READ MORE

Quality Of Installation Vital To Effectiveness Of Security Fencing

Running a modern business can be difficult as managers contend with government regulation, market fluctuations and an uncertain economy. On top of this is the ever-growing concern about security, with | READ MORE

Kitset / Export

This could be your order ready to go! Our complete range of fences and gates can be packaged into a kitset to be sent to remote parts of Australia, Island communities or other countries. We are happy | READ MORE

Pool Fencing Not The End Of The Story For Pool Owners

Over twenty percent of private homes in Queensland have a swimming pool, which is not surprising given that even in Spring and Autumn, we have many days that are warm enough to draw swimmers to the water. | READ MORE

Colourbond Domestic


Essential Attributes of a Valued Worker

There is an old saying that goes “good fences make good neighbours”, which means that even though a fence separates people, it also creates boundaries. These are useful for establishing ownership, | READ MORE

Do It Yourself

Our extensive range of wire in handy rolls: Chicken wire Small and large bird wire Dog mesh Hinge joint wire (rural dog fence) Chainwire galvanised or P.V.C. Yard fence Standard pool panels galvanised Coils | READ MORE

Easy Ways To Make Your Fence Shine

There are so many things you can do to make your fence stand out from the rest. In this article we want to show you how you can make a tired fence shine. REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE Bob the Builder would | READ MORE



Pool Safety – It's the Law

There is no doubt that the red tape and hoops you have to jump through sometimes can be overwhelming. Sometimes you can't protect idiots from themselves and they make it hard for everyone. Thieves can | READ MORE

Industrial Fencing

Security Fences For Business & Industry When it comes to getting your commercial property securely fenced two of the most popular and widely used types of fencing that people use are chainwire fencing | READ MORE

DIY Installation of a Colorbond Fence

Fence Co provide a wide range of fencing products. These include weldmesh, Chainwire, Aluminium slat fencing, pool and decorative fencing, and Colorbond. We also provide the necessary components to create | READ MORE

Fencing Supplies

Fencing: Build Yourself or Hire a Professional? When property owners decide to install a fence on their property, they have to determine whether to build the fence themselves or hire the services of | READ MORE

Are You a Nudist?

You have no idea how hard it can be to come up with something new when it comes to what we can tell you about fencing. The fact of the matter is you just want a fence to protect you, your property and | READ MORE

Fences and Gates

  Fences and Gates – Adding Visual Appeal to Your Home In an effort to individualize, stylize, and beautify their home, homeowners spend much time and resources on outdoor projects. Homeowners | READ MORE

When Security Is Utmost Priority

There are many types of fencing available with Fence Co. For most of us, when we think ‘fence’, we think white pickets and shrubs. This is the ideal that has been created by the great | READ MORE

Wire Mesh Fencing

Wire Mesh Fencing: Versatile, Practical, and Durable There are several reasons why homeowners or businesses may desire to install a fence around their property. They may wish to install a fence to deter | READ MORE

Pool Fencing – It’s The Law

Even though the news has been spread far and wide that pool fencing is mandatory you would be surprised at the number of pools that don’t comply with the latest legislation. There can be many reasons | READ MORE

Swimming Pool Fencing

Need a Fence for Your Pool? Choose Aluminum Installing a fence around a pool is an excellent idea for a number of reasons. One of the most important reasons is to provide protection for both people and | READ MORE

In Consideration Of Appropriate Fencing

It can be a real challenge deciding what fence will best suit your needs. The fact that you are reading this article could mean that you have already decided you need one. The reason for this decision | READ MORE

Construction Fencing

Construction Site Fencing: Purposes and Types Construction sites present many hazards for pedestrians and the public in general. Those individuals that live or work in close proximity to a construction | READ MORE

Rural Fencing Kits For Pickup Or Delivery

If you live in a rural or semi-rural area there is a good chance that there is someone close by who has cattle or, more likely, horses. Maybe that person is you! Now cows and horses don’t really | READ MORE

Metal Fence

Fencing Your Home for Privacy, Security and Style Why Metal Fencing? Metal fencing around your home and pool can provide you with a number of benefits, from security to safety. Its durability, long | READ MORE

Artillery Fungus - Colourbond's Worst Enemy

What It Is & How To Deal With It Artillery Fungus or Shotgun Fungus is so named because of the way it releases its spores. They explode into the air in a shotgun-like manner and can travel some distance | READ MORE

Dog Proof Fence

The Importance of Dog Fencing Fencing is a very important and common way of keeping man’s best friend contained in a yard (and sometimes is used to keep him out of an area of the yard). Choosing | READ MORE

Dividing Fence – Asset or Waste of Money

Points On Why Fencing Is A Good Investment Neighbourhood disputes are just the pits. We all want to live happily and harmoniously together but sometimes there can be issues that arise that spoil any | READ MORE

Wrought Iron Fence

Wrought Iron Look fencing with Galvanized Steel Wrought iron look fencing is a beautiful and artistic way to add value to your property. It can add an artistic and visual appeal to your yard that very | READ MORE

Fencing Keeps Children Safe

How Fences Protect Kids In More Ways Than One While fences are vitally important to preserve our privacy and protect our belongings, they are incredibly important for another reason. Fences protect children. | READ MORE

Colorbond Fencing

  Why Install Colorbond Fencing Large or small, all houses need some kind of protection in the form of fencing whether it is around their house, pool or garden. Traditionally many people used timber | READ MORE

Rural Fencing

Different Types Of Fences For Acreage Security & Safety In rural areas one of the most common causes of havoc for residents and people passing through the area is the obstacles of cows on the roads. | READ MORE

Mesh Fencing

  Secure Your Premises With Mesh Fencing Fences serve different purposes for different applications. For instance, as a domestic installation it serves to keep out stray animals, therefore preventing | READ MORE

Build Your Own Chook House, Dog Run, Vegetable Garden Enclosure

How To Make Animal Fences It’s obvious that a company named Fence Co would specialise in all things to do with a fence. What is not so obvious is that you can use nearly all of the quality steel | READ MORE

Wire Mesh

Features and Uses of Wire Mesh Fencing With the rise in theft and vandalism, people are now much concerned with the security issues. It is because of this reason that the use of wire fences is now more | READ MORE

Installing Security Fencing for the Business

Custom Gates & Fences For Property Protection Needless to say, there are significant investments involved in any business. An investment can be financial in form or it can be the time and effort | READ MORE

Domestic Fencing

Why Domestic Fencing is Important There are many reasons to put up a fence. Some people use fencing for decoration, it can also be used for privacy or even for keeping your beloved pets in their own | READ MORE

The Importance and Advantages of a Quality Gate and Fence

Good Reasons On Fencing Up When you think about installing a quality fence it really must go hand in hand with a good quality driveway gate. Your reasons can be many when you decide to add this feature | READ MORE

Farm Fencing

The Right Kind of Fencing for the Farm Being out on a farm is a lot of work. Rounding up cattle, sheep, ploughing the fields, planting crops, making sure the irrigation systems are working, as well as | READ MORE

New Pool Safety Authority - New Regulations

Pool Fencing In Compliance With Safety Laws For several years now the transfer of pool safety responsibility has been well advertised. This change means that the Pool Safety Council was disbanded on | READ MORE

Pool Fencing Laws

New Pool Fencing Laws Are Now In Between 2001 and 2004, it is reported that 35 children have drowned in residential swimming pools. The Australian Government has taken a new and tougher stance when it | READ MORE

Employ A Fencing Contractor You Can Trust

Considerations When Hiring Your Fence Installer Like any industry, there are rogues in the fencing business. This is why it is important you know what to look for if you want to employ someone you can | READ MORE

Fence Design

  Install a Gorgeous Fence Design Fencing is not just for practical use, such as keeping in pets and children. Or for keeping out intruders or other peoples animals that roam the streets. Fencing | READ MORE

Time for a Face Lift?

Giving Your House A Make-Over With Fences Too often when people are considering ways to improve the look of their home and give it a face lift they think about giving the house a fresh coat of paint, | READ MORE

Pool Fencing Regulations

Pool Fencing Regulations Are For Your Safety Summer heat brings out the desire to own a pool in many people. The thought of enjoying summer instead of sweltering through it puts a pool high on their | READ MORE

Avoiding Fencing Disputes with Your Neighbors

Friendly Tips & Steps In Putting Up A Fence To help you avoid any disputes with your neighbours, Fence Co offer some tips on the steps to take when you decide it is time to put up a fence made of | READ MORE

Colourbond Privacy

  Block Out the Neighbours with Colourbond Privacy There are more disputes between neighbours over fencing than most other issues. Neighbours children kick balls over the fence and climb into other | READ MORE

Building a Fence - Not A Job for the Faint-Hearted

Considerations In Fencing There is a lot of planning that goes into building a straight and sturdy fence advises a spokesman for Fence Co, a leading contractor for fencing in Queensland, with a factory | READ MORE

Fence Posts

  Fence Posts Installation Guide Fences serve a variety of purposes. This is why they come in different kinds of materials and specifications. Fencing is used in industrial and commercial buildings | READ MORE

Family Protection by the Pool

Advice On Fences & Safety Spring and summer are the seasons that we start to venture outside more and spend extra time swimming in the pool. For home owners who are fortunate to have a pool there | READ MORE

Fence Panels

Attractive Options for Fence Panels   Fencing has a lot of benefits for industrial, commercial and residential areas. Fence does not only provide protection and security to the premises, it also | READ MORE

Fencing for all Situations

Fence Materials, Steel Supplies, & Installation Reliable star pickets supplier Fence Co  understands that each fencing project attracts its own specific requirements. They have a range of fencing | READ MORE

Pool Fencing

Benefits and Types of Pool Fencing As summer approaches more and more people start planning swimming activities. Beach surfing is a popular attraction but sea water is not something you can take a dip | READ MORE

Reasons to Put Up a Fence

Functions Of Perimeter Fencing Many people feel that an open yard is the best way to go when it comes to designing the surrounding area of a house. Nevertheless, there are many reasons why it is better | READ MORE

Chainwire Fencing Commercial Industrial

Industrial Chainlink Fencing Adds to the Security Industrial and commercial buildings need fencing not just because of aesthetic appeal but mainly because of security. There are many options for perimeter | READ MORE

Durability and Affordability

Advantages Of Weldmesh Fencing If you are looking for a great fence that is durable and affordable then look no further than Fence Co. Although they do have a great selection of durable fencing options | READ MORE

Pool Fencing Aluminium

Advantages of Pool Fencing Aluminium A swimming pool can be a fantastic addition to your home, but quite a few responsibilities are attached with actually installing and keeping one. These responsibilities | READ MORE

Keeping Man's Best Friend Happy

Doggy Tips And The Importance Of Fences Having a dog in the family can be a lot of fun and certainly provides much love and entertainment to boot. Dogs don’t hold grudges and they will love you | READ MORE

Industrial Fencing

Industrial Fencing for Added Security  Industrial fencing is specifically designed for better functionality and more security to industrial buildings. To install a fence Brisbane around certain | READ MORE

Boundary Riding is Not Just for Cowboys

Make Your Rural Fencing Last If you live on the land, whether it be rural or semi-rural, you will understand that a good fence is imperative to ensure the health and safety of your animals. Not only | READ MORE

Chainwire Fence

The Versatile Chainwire Fence Chainwire fencing has been a popular option for many years, lending itself to different applications domestic and industrial, and having the benefit of costing less than | READ MORE

Getting DIY Fencing Right

Helpful Tips On Do-It-Yourself Fencing If you are handy with a hammer you may consider installing your own fence and simply buy supplies from a reputable supplier such as Fence Co. However, there are | READ MORE

Fencing Companies

  Fenced In With Fencing Companies Fencing is a job which we are all faced with at some point in our lives. Perhaps you’ve bought a new house which has not yet been fenced. Or your old fence | READ MORE

Keeping Your Faithful Friend Happy and Safe

Pet Tips & Safety Fences It certainly is all local council’s policy to ensure your canine companions are contained within your property. This rule has been put in place for many reasons. The | READ MORE

Colorbond Fence

A Colorbond Fence Gives Privacy   When is a fence not a fence? When it doesn’t do what a fence is designed to do! If your existing fence is not keeping out your neighbours animals, | READ MORE

DIY Fence Guide

The Basics Of Do-It-Yourself Property Fencing Some people simply enjoy DIY work. DIY work is a cost-effective way of installing or building structures or implements around the home. There is a strong | READ MORE

Security Fences

  Types of Security Fences Most commercial and industrial properties are areas that require high security. This is because either the premises are dangerous to outsiders or there are valuable contents | READ MORE

Gates Provide Extra Security and Value

Benefits Of Having Good Gates & Fences Home occupants and business owners know only too well the importance of security. When you have valuables on the premises it’s nice to know that they | READ MORE

Colourbond Fences

  Stand Out With A Colourbond Fence The word “fence” conjures up a variety of images, and is probably different for each person. A fence is often more than just a way to divide and | READ MORE

Protect your Home with Secure Fencing

Sadly, theft is something that occurs and you never can be sure someone won’t try to target your home. What this means is that no household should be without insurance against theft. However, it | READ MORE

Fencing Contractor

  Why Should You Hire a Fencing Contractor Fencing is an important consideration not just for commercial and industrial areas but also for residential homes. There are a number of fencing options | READ MORE

Basic Fence Etiquette To Avoid Neighbour Disputes

Fence installation is typically done for various practical or aesthetic reasons. It may be to delineate boundaries of the property, to secure the property, for animal control, to add ornamental value, | READ MORE

Wire Fencing Options

Wire Fencing Options for Your Home Fencing has become common not just for industrial and commercial buildings but also for residential areas. Besides offering privacy and security these also provide | READ MORE

Drowning - Would You Recognise It?

Would you know when someone is drowning? It sound like a silly question, doesn’t it? Yet, many deaths by drowning could have been avoided if onlookers had been aware of the circumstances. Stories | READ MORE

Star Pickets Uses

Star Pickets Have Many Uses and Benefits Fencing plays an important part in the security and privacy of any home or commercial building. When choosing an appropriate fence for any property, the materials | READ MORE

Protecting Your Business From Damage

If you have put in all the hard work it takes to build a successful business, you don’t want it ruined by vandalism or theft. Business with no fencing or poor fencing can be left vulnerable to such | READ MORE

Weldmesh Wire Fencing

Weldmesh Wire Fencing There are a number of fencing options available for industrial, commercial and residential properties to provide complete security as well as privacy. Fences come in a range of | READ MORE

Chain Wire for Budget and Strength

Here at Fence Co we have provided high quality fencing products and installation services to both commercial and residential customers since 1984. We proudly provide a range of kit sets and materials | READ MORE

Wire Fencing

Wire Fencing For More Security Picket fence is often installed when you are considering a pleasant appearance for the exteriors of your home. A ranch style fence might be used for keeping the cows in, | READ MORE

Keep Them Safe This Summer and all Through the Year

Safe pool fencing does not have to be boring. Sure, it needs to be sturdy and secure to keep the rug rats safe and away from the pool when you are not around but it does not mean you cannot add a little | READ MORE

Weld Mesh Fencing - an Effective Crime Barrier

  Weldmesh fencing combines the strength of a traditional chain link fence with the advantage of a smoother look and feel. Weldmesh is intrinsically stronger than a traditional chain link fence | READ MORE

Steel vs. Aluminium Gates

There is no doubt that sturdy steel gates have a role to play in the lives of some of us. The advantages to buying a steel gate from Fence Co are numerous. If protection is your motivation for installing | READ MORE

Fence Heights

Functional Fence Heights Fencing off different areas in your life requires not only different types of fencing but also different size fences. Just as you would not put in a huge security fence to cordon | READ MORE

To Build or Not To Build

Once you have decided to put up a fence on your property, the very next decision you need to make is whether to build it yourself or to get the professionals in to do the hard yards for you. If you have | READ MORE

Mesh Fencing 2

Choosing the Right Mesh Fencing Installing a fence, whether it is a perimeter fence or just a simple garden fence, can be an expensive capital outlay. Because of this, you want to make sure that you | READ MORE

Safety and Security for Man and Beast

Safety of your children and pets is absolutely essential in this day and age. One of the best ways to ensure this is to construct a fence that will contain both children and animals inside whilst keeping | READ MORE

Save Money with your own DIY Fence

In tough economic times it is tempting to go with the option that is least expensive rather than the option that is the best one. You may find that this outlook, in the long run, is going to be quite | READ MORE

Security and Safety

Security for your home is always a hot topic. Whilst installing alarms is a great way to alert you to the fact you have an intruder there is a way to stop them getting that far. Install a good fence and | READ MORE

Fence Materials

Fence Materials - Are you Fencing Around the Issue? There are going to be times in your life when you are going to need to fence things off – either within your property or around your property’s | READ MORE

Pool Safety and Your Responsibilities

With summer on its way, it is time to dust off the barbeques, oil the plates and clean out the pool ready for the party season. Summer is all about late nights with your friends and family and sitting | READ MORE

Fence in Time for Holidays

Need Privacy or Security? Fence in Time for Holidays Fencing homes is an attractive option for many home owners. Not only does it provide more security to the place, it also gives a more aesthetic appeal | READ MORE

Fencing in Fido

For most of us, our pets have a special place in our hearts. They end up becoming a very special part of our family. As a result, we do everything we can to safeguard them and make them happy. Fencing | READ MORE

Fencing Materials Press

Fence Co – Leading Supplier of Fencing Materials   Fencing with the Community for more than 25 years. When it comes to fencing supplies Brisbane you can hardly go wrong when you consult | READ MORE

Fencing in Australia

Fencing in Australia Whilst we in Australia are generally a friendly crowd, we do want to keep a reasonable amount of privacy in our homes. We fence off our properties to maintain privacy and so that | READ MORE

Mesh Fencing 3

Mesh Fencing – An Affordable, DIY Option Recently, private home owners and business owners alike have been raising concern about the security of their properties. Of particular concern is the fact | READ MORE

What Type of Fencing to Choose

What Type of Fencing to Choose A fence – whether it is a perimeter fence or a simple one to fence off the backyard - is a pretty big undertaking. It’s not something that you are going to | READ MORE

DIY Fence Supplies

The Top Tip When it comes to DIY Fence Supplies Installing a fence is usually not rocket science – you just need a basic plan; the right supplies and a little elbow grease and you should be able | READ MORE

Why Choose to Fence your Pool?

Fencing your pool is important, especially if you have children. In the past, there have been too many children who have drowned because of no fencing at all or fencing and gates that haven’t been | READ MORE

Wire fence Durability

Wire Fence Durability – Fencing Material of the Future?   There are a number of aspects to consider when putting up a new fence and choosing the right fencing material for the job should | READ MORE

Some Facts about Colorbond Fencing

Some Facts about Colorbond Fencing Colorbond is a newer type of fencing material that is gaining in popularity because it is a great low maintenance, durable alternative to the more traditional types | READ MORE

Chain Wire Fences

Chain Wire Fences – Not Just a Pretty Face For Reliable and Durable Fencing Solutions from Fence Co With more than twenty years’ experience in the fencing industry, it is safe to say that | READ MORE

Fencing with the Best

There are many reasons to erect a fence, keeping pets and children in or simply to keep other neighbours' pets out of your yard. Privacy is another good reason to fence off your property. Once you have | READ MORE

Dog Proof Wire Fencing

Make sure that you have Dog Proof Wire Fencing There are a number of reasons that we fence our properties off – to represent the actual boundaries of our space, for privacy, to keep intruders out | READ MORE

Chain Wire – A Great Option

When it comes to durable and practical fence supplies, it is tough to beat chain wire fencing for both commercial and residential properties. Though not as decorative as a timber fence, chain wire lasts | READ MORE

Colourbond Fences 2

Colourbond Fencing the Ultimate in Fencing Very few homes these days are without a fence. Aside from the level of security and privacy they provide, they also add an aesthetic appeal that is now more | READ MORE

Types of Fences

There is a saying that good fences make good neighbours and this is as true now as when it was first coined. A fence is not only a way to mark the perimeters of your property but also a way to keep your | READ MORE

Wire Fences

Good Wire Fences make Good Neighbours We all know the saying, “Good fences make good neighbours” and it really is true. Although in an ideal world, we would all get along with our neighbours | READ MORE

Pipe and Fencing Fittings

When it comes to installing your own pipe or fence fittings, the quality of the materials you use is just as important as your actual skill. Even the most skilful artisan can only do so much with poor | READ MORE

DIY Fencing Materials

Get the Best DIY Fencing Materials When it comes to fencing, most people are quite shocked at exactly how much it could end up costing them. Because of this, a number of people decide to try and cut | READ MORE

Custom Gates for a New Look

Most of us look at the gate to our property as a mere afterthought, not as the feature that it can be. Considering that the gate is the first thing most people see, it makes sense to put some extra thought | READ MORE

Weldmesh Fencing

Ideal Fence for Business and Commercial Generally if you are having a fence installed on your property it is to either keep people and pets in or out of certain areas. Because of this reason it means | READ MORE

Maintaining your Fence

Having a well-maintained, attractive fence really increases your home’s curb appeal. On the other hand, a badly maintained fence can put people off before they even get to see your house. Keeping | READ MORE

Dog Proof Fencing

Making your Dog at Home The primary goal we have when we erect a dog kennel and fence is to keep our dogs safe, comfortable and contained. You need to ensure that you use the best materials possible | READ MORE

Setting up a Fence

When it comes to putting up a new fence, it is important to use the best quality materials you can afford. For top quality DIY fencing materials and expert advice on how to use them, choose Fence Co. Why | READ MORE

Choosing the Best Fence

Choosing the Best Fence When it comes to fencing your property, you need to make sure that you choose an option that is well-suited to your lifestyle and your home. There are several things to consider | READ MORE

Colorbond Fencing

Reasons Why It's A Better Material For Fences There are a variety of fencing materials available out there but one that seems to be rising in popularity is Colorbond fencing. This is not surprising when | READ MORE

Fencing your Own Yard

Fencing your Own Yard We often say that “good fences make for good neighbours” and so choosing the right fencing materials is extremely important. Fencing makes for a fairly simple DIY project | READ MORE

Choosing the Right Commercial Fencing

Maintaining security at your business property is important for several reasons – protecting valuable client information from potential rivals and fraudsters, protecting valuable business data and | READ MORE

Fencing with Flair

Choosing The Right Fence For Your Home When building a new home, you pay a lot of attention to the details of the structure itself – what goes where, etcetera, but how much time and effort do you | READ MORE

Pool Safety Regulations

Pool Safety Regulations Considering the number of drowning deaths in the under-5 age bracket in Queensland in past years, the new fencing regulations make a lot of sense. Statistics taken since the regulations | READ MORE

Making your Pool Safe

When it comes to keeping your family safe around the pool, you really cannot take shortcuts. Pool fencing needs to be of top quality and must be properly maintained in order to prevent young children | READ MORE


Fencing It is a well-known fact that most crimes are, in fact, crimes of opportunity. Criminals will generally look for the softest targets to hit – they are, after all, looking for easy money. | READ MORE

Why Fence your Property?

Why Fence your Property? When it comes to fencing off your property, you may sometimes wonder if the expense is worthwhile. This is especially true if you live in a safe suburb where fences aren’t | READ MORE

Reigning in your Pets

Reigning in your Pets We all love to have pets. One of the responsibilities when it comes to owning pets is to make sure that they are not a nuisance or danger to anyone else. In general, this means | READ MORE

Building a Pool Fence

Building a Pool Fence There was a time when having a swimming pool was just another way to keep up with the Jones’ but with summers getting more and more scorching, they are becoming essential. | READ MORE

Residential Fencing with Fence Co

Residential Fencing with Fence Co Fences can be used for different purposes. You can use it to outline boundaries, to ward off prying animals, and to add fancy on your yards. There are different fence | READ MORE

Professional Fence Installation the Wise Choice

Professional Fence Installation the Wise Choice When it comes to building, installing and constructing things, you can’t overlook the importance of getting it done right and safety. While some | READ MORE

Chain Wire Fencing

Fencing Around the Issue When it comes to chain wire fencing, there is simply no reason to go to anyone except Fence Co. If you want a quality product, excellent and professional service at a reasonable | READ MORE

Fence Contractor

Choosing the Ideal Security with Fencing Security at home is incredibly important. At home we have the right, and the need, to feel safe from harm and theft. Naturally a home security system is an option | READ MORE

Fence Materials

Materials for Commercial Fencing Back in the day, fences around businesses were not so common however today we know better. In order to protect our privacy, businesses, the assets contained within the | READ MORE

DIY Fencing

Fence Yourself Off Most of us view our homes as our own private fiefdoms and, as a result, like to keep them securely fenced in – not only to ward off intruders but to keep our pets contained and | READ MORE

Chain Link Fencing Offers Many Options

Chain link fencing is an excellent fencing option. There are several benefits of chain link fencing in contrast to other types of Fencing Brisbane . Chain link fencing is affordable, durable, customizable, | READ MORE

Colorbond Aesthetically Appealing and Functional

Reasons Why It's A Better Fencing Material Colorbond fences come in 14 different colors and can be individualized to suit the property's owners needs by adding features such as gates, post caps, or lattice. | READ MORE