Pool Fencing Need Not Be Boring

There is something about an in-ground pool that gives a property an extra ambiance, promising as it does long, summer days seeking relief from the heat and humidity of the Queensland summer. Families spend hours in the cool waters or relaxing in the shade of poolside shelters with the barbeque primed ready to feed hungry swimmers. Even in regional areas, pools are high on the agenda when planning home improvements.

One Standard to Prevent Child Drownings

Until 2010, there were 11 different standards that applied to swimming pools in Queensland. This caused some confusion for pool owners but since a government review, a few years ago, there is now just one safety standard that applies to the whole state. The overriding concern that prompted this review was safety, and the pool fencing laws that now apply are designed to prevent child drownings and immersions resulting in injury.

Modern Pool Fencing is Attractive

This does not mean that a compliant pool is one surrounded by ugly, prison-like fencing. The industry has responded by supplying a range of attractive fencing options that meet all the requirements of the new standard.

Here at Fence Co. we have both aluminium and steel pool fencing to suit all tastes and needs. Our range includes the standard sizes of 1,200mm high, 1,500mm high and 1,800mm high in a 2,400mm long panel. We can also supply custom panels in short, tall or long panels that need an inbuilt post.

A Rainbow of Colours

Our pool fencing is also available in a large range of powder-coated colours. The most popular option currently appears to be black, but if you have a specific colour scheme and need something different to tone in with your landscaping or building design, we can accommodate your needs.

Special Design Features

Our fencing also includes design features such as circles or spears, so there is ample opportunity for your own creativity to shine through and make your pool fencing not only compliant, but a unique descriptor of your personality. Aluminium fencing is especially suited for use around salt-chlorinated pools as it is more resistant to corrosion than steel.

Pool Fencing and Gates Must Also be Compliant

Pool gates also must be compliant and must self-close and self-latch when released from all open positions. The latch releases must be at least 1,500 millimetres above the ground, well away from the busy fingers of little ones who are drawn to an inviting clear pool.

With all pools now needing to be registered and this registration dependent on passing a safety inspection, it has never been more important to have the right pool fencing in place. Call into our showroom to see for yourself how attractive pool fencing can be.