Aluminum Slat Fencing

Residential Fencing – Aluminium Slat Fencing

Similar to Pool Fencing, Fence Co is able to make decorative fencing and gates from steel. More durable and stronger yet offering the same finish as Pool Fencing, Steel Decorative Fencing may be the ideal choice for you. A variety of designs with spears, flat rails or lace infill’s are available. Colours are not a problem!

Another Decorative Fencing product that is new to the market is Slat Fencing.

Featuring three sizes (40mm, 65mm and 90mm wide) and different orientations (horizontal, vertical or louvered at 45°), Slats can help provide that privacy you require with the elegant look you want.

Slats are available in the standard powder coating range and can be bought as prefabricated panels or as a kit set, installation by Fence Co is also available.


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