Rural / Barbwire

Cost-Effective Rural Fencing

Do you live on acreage in Queensland and require secure fencing that doesn’t cost as much as Chainwire or Colorbond? Follow tradition but with a modern twist and install Barb Wire Rural Fencing with steel posts. Guaranteed to last without the prospect of damage from fire and white ants, Fence Co can help you install or 'supply only' a bespoke rural fence.

We stock high tensile double strand 1.57mm Galvanised Barb Wire and on application can supply 1.57mm or 1.80mm double strand Heavy Galvanised Barb Wire. We can also supply Iowa Pattern 2.50mm double strand Galvanised or Heavy Galvanised Barb Wire.

Our barbwire residential fencing in Queensland have a wide range of star pickets from 600mm long to 2400mm long in Black finish. Hot Dipped Galvanised Star Pickets are available on request.

Fence Co can also put together custom kit sets ready to be couriered if you live outside of Brisbane, Australia wide. Our stock of posts, wires, fittings and prefabricated farm gates means that you won’t need anything but cement and time should you purchase a tailored kit set from us.




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