Pool Fencing

Pool Fencing

Pool Fencing Supply and Install – Glass and Aluminium

Have you built a new pool, need to upgrade existing fencing or simply just like the design of pool fencing? FenceCo can help supply and install Glass, Aluminium or Steel Pool Fencing to both residential and commercial properties.

Our glass fence panels and fittings offer a modern and timeless approach to securing your pool area. We can fill orders for glass fencing custom sizes which is often in high demand when meeting Pool Safety Regulations in Queensland, especially in relation to heights due to climb hazards. View Queensland pool fencing regulations here.

Aluminium pool fencing is also amongst the most versatile fencing types available. The freedom of custom panels means it can be easily supplied for your specific application helping you meet Pool Safety Regulations. Whether they are short panels, tall panels or long panels that need an inbuilt post we have a solution that will work.

Designs can start as simply as a two rail, 16mm design, all the way through to multiple rails with decorative features such as circles or spears.

Pool fencing is also available is a huge range of powder coating colours to suit your home, property or landscape design.

We offer flat top and loop top panels and opening gates. A range of custom swing and sliding gates are also available.

FenceCo also stocks all accessories from the shrouds for fixing panels, DynaBolt and Chemset anchors through to your gate accessories such as Magna Latches and self-closing Hinges.