Family Protection by the Pool

Family Protection by the Pool

Advice On Fences & Safety

Spring and summer are the seasons that we start to venture outside more and spend extra time swimming in the pool. For home owners who are fortunate to have a pool there is also a great responsibility to following the laws about pool fencing and ensure that the surrounding area is properly fenced.

Too many deaths have occurred in family pools to even consider overlooking the importance of pool fencing and the pool fencing laws. If you have a pool fence that needs upgrading or if you are building a pool then you need to contact us, FenceCo, to discuss having your fence installed by our professional team.

Our range for pool fencing offers a great choice from powder coated colours, aluminium and steel fencing and a range of different heights. If you have an idea or design in mind then you are more than welcome to discuss this with us.

Guidelines for design

  • Pool fences and gates are not to be installed close to trees, pool equipment, shrubs or any items that will allow for climbing the fence.
  • All fences and gates need to adhere to the Australian Standard 1926.
  • Gate latches must be out of reach of children and open outwards.
  • In order to prevent children from climbing under the fence it must be no more than 100mm off the ground.

Tips for safety around pools

  • Always check that protective barriers in place around pools are in good working order and are maintained. Repairs must be made where required ASAP.
  • When you are not using your pool and are indoors, ensure that all windows and doors that would allow entry outside and in the pool area are closed and locked.
  • If you have an above ground pool you should always remove the steps to the pool when you are not using it.
  • Pool toys should not be left in the water or around the pool. These can be attractions for small children and should be packed away from view.

At FenceCo we consistently strive to supply and install quality fencing that looks great and lasts. Contact us to discuss your preferences for your pool fence so your pool is safe and ready for use in time for the hottest part of the year.