Fencing Keeps Children Safe

Fencing Keeps Children Safe

How Fences Protect Kids In More Ways Than One

While fences are vitally important to preserve our privacy and protect our belongings, they are incredibly important for another reason. Fences protect children. The importance of protecting children has always been around; however, these days more and more it seems there is a greater need for this.

At FenceCo we provide high quality materials for those who wish to install their own fences or we provide a professional and experienced team who can establish your fencing for you. Whichever way you decide to go, here are a few reasons and settings in which fencing to protect children is critical.

Pool protection

You have no doubt heard this one before but fencing for pools is a must; it is a legal requirement. If you are going to have a pool installed or have somehow escaped getting your pool fenced so far, don’t delay.

Even if you don’t have children there is always the risk other children can enter your yard tempted by the crystal clear waters of your swimming pool. Too many young lives are lost in family swimming pools.

We can get your pool fenced so that it complies with all pool fencing laws and save you not only from a fine but from the potential of losing a life.

Rural protection

If you are living in a rural area you may feel that children are safe from harm compared with living in the hustle and bustle of residential areas; you are wrong. Fencing in rural areas to protect children is just as important.

Rural areas usually have dams, creeks, rivers and other risks in the area. There have been a couple of cases on the news in the last year where a child has wandered off a rural property and become lost or drowned in a nearby dam. Don’t let this be something that happens to your family.

Driveway and road protection

Young ones have a way of getting into spaces and places that they shouldn’t. Sadly, many young lives are lost because they have run out onto the driveway while a parent reverses the car and they have not been seen.

This is devastating for all involved and can easily be prevented if driveways are separated from front or back yards with a fence. Likewise, if children are outside playing they are unable to run onto the road into traffic if the yard is fully fenced.

Stranger protection

It is sad but true that stranger danger is a real factor. If you have a fully secured fence installed in your yard that is not easily accessed by outsiders then your children are far safer playing in your yard. Naturally, children who are quite young still need adult supervision but with a fence you know they are all that much safer.

Contact our team at FenceCo today with your fencing enquiries so you can keep your children and other children safe from accidents and harm.